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The sloppies from DK are the best sandwich in the world, hands-down. I grew up eating these as a kid, and now living in SF, have them brought out anytime an old Jersey friend makes the pilgrimage. Food of the gods.

Jeffrey R
San Francisco, CA

Deli King is located in the Clarkton Shopping Center adjacent to DiCosimo's Italian deli (very good) and Vaccaro's bakery (so-so). Their sloppy joe sandwiches are a favorite of mine. No, this is not sautéed ground beef and tomato sauce poured over a hamburger bun (ugh). These are North Jersey Jewish "sloppy joes"--thinly sliced pastrami, turkey, and corned beef, slathered with russian dressing, topped with cole slaw, and sandwiched between three thin slices of rye bread, and then sliced into party-size wedges. These sandwiches are a traditional Jewish favorite, often served at gatherings such as bar mitzvahs and shivas (Jewish wakes), but you can have them anytime you want. Note: order one sandwich and you will receive 8 "cuts", or wedges, enough food for 4 people, plus pickles.

Michael K
Scotch Plains, NJ

The best Corned Beef anywhere in the area.


Shiva Platter: The sloppy joes from Deli-King in Clark were delicious and not soggy. They held up rather well.

Harry K
Livingston, NJ

Make it Sloppy!: Not Goyishe! Big sandwiches, good sour tomatoes, and a selection of Dr Brown's to wash it all down. Fast, friendly and delicious!

Marc H

The best service in town.


It is by far the best Deli in the area. Perhaps in the state. I have tried just about all of them in the central NJ area and other parts of the state I think know good deli.

Central NJ

Best Sandwiches in Jersey. I absolutely love this place! I used my ecampuscash.com coupon for a delicious, discounted corned beef sandwich and I was in heaven. You have to try this place out. YUM!

New Jersey

I'm downright honored to be the first to review Deli King. I've been going here for years, and I make it a priority to pick up my standard order whenever I'm in New Jersey - a third of a pound of hand-sliced smoked salmon, a small container of homemade scallion cream cheese, and a couple of fresh bagels. For me, this is the perfect meal. This place is a full [service] kosher deli and caterer, and the high quality of the food is a well-kept secret of the locals. Don't tell them I'm sharing it. The prices may seem a bit on the high side, but they do everything themselves, and you need to pay for that. Still, if you want to flat out wow people with kosher catering, this is your place.

John S
Somerville, MA

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