Deli King of Clark is a full service family friendly Kosher delicatessen, restaurant, and caterer, that has been run by my family for over thirty-three years. My father, Richard Lavroff, started by plucking feathers from chickens when he was just a kid in a local Kosher butcher shop. Later in life, he opened Millburn Kosher Butchers and Caterers and Arlington Plaza Kosher Delicatessen. He then brought his expertise to Deli King of Clark.

I always loved going to work with my father. I started with peeling onions, carrots, and potatoes in his butcher shop. Where ever my father worked, I followed and continued to learn from all the old time Deli Men. Great Deli Men like Jack Bendett and Leon Burzinsky of Kartzman's Delicatessen taught me how to cut Lox, fillet Whitefish, and cut corned beef across the grain. Bakers like Seymour Englander taught me how to make Challah, Taiglach, Mandelbroit, Bobka, Strudel, and our famous homemade macaroons. Let us not forget Rose Charmatz with her unsurpassed recipies for her homemade Kreplach, Knishes, stuffed cabbage and Ruggelach.

My father showed me how to make beautiful Deli Platters, Carved Turkeys, Sloppy Joes and so much more. First and foremost he taught me how to treat a customer. When you visit deli king of Clark you will be treated with kindness, respect and consideration by our knowledgeable and efficient staff.

Come to Deli King of Clark to experience old world delicatessen the way our parents and our grandparents did and you won't be disappointed.